How Does Audi Advanced Key Work?

Audi Advanced Key Work

How Does
Audi Advanced Key Work?

Audi isn’t just focused on driver convenience once you’re in the cockpit; we strive to make the entire car ownership experience easier. That’s why we’ve developed Audi Advanced Key, a keyless entry technology that lets you enter your Audi safely and easily without rummaging through your pockets or accessories for a physical key. Learn more about Audi Advanced Key here, or reach out to us at our Audi dealership in Brookline, MA, with more questions.

What is Audi Advanced Key?

Audi Advanced Key is the next evolution of keyless entry technology for luxury car drivers. It lets you start your car or open your car doors without reaching in your pocket or purse. That may seem like a small perk, but it comes up big when you’re carrying gear or groceries, loading children into the car or when you don’t want to take off your gloves to reach for your keys.

How does Audi Advanced Key Work?

The Audi Advanced Key works by communicating with proximity sensors in each car door and trunk lid. These sensors are matched to a radio pulse generator in the key that activates when you are within approximately five feet of your vehicle. As soon as you begin to use a door handle or your trunk, your Audi will automatically unlock.

Some Advanced Keys and Audi models allow for memory functionality as well, which can restore presets to side mirrors and more when activated via the Advanced Key fob.

How do I adjust my Audi Advanced Key settings?

While the settings in each Audi model can be a little different, in general, you can access your Advanced Key settings with the Car menu on your dashboard. Then explore “car systems,” “vehicle settings” and “central locking” to gain access to Audi Advanced Key functionality. For example, you can choose whether your Advanced Key fob will automatically unlock all doors or just the driver’s door.

How can I repair or replace my Audi Advanced Key?

If your Audi Advanced Key fob is damaged or lost, you’ll need to work with an authorized Audi dealership to get it repaired or replaced. You can turn to Audi Brookline to help you, or you can work with one of our authorized independent repair facilities if these locations are more convenient for you.

To learn more about the Audi Advanced Key or for an in-person demonstration as to how it works, visit Audi Brookline today!