Trip Interruption Benefits and Information
If your registered Audi vehicle (owned or leased) is disabled because of a mechanical breakdown over 100 miles from your residential address (and the repair is covered under your New Vehicle Limited Warranty*), you may be reimbursed for trip interruption expenses if your vehicle cannot be made safely operable the same day. Your coverage includes reimbursement for:

  • Lodging up to $200 per day
  • Meals up to $200 per day
  • Alternate transportation up to $200 per day

Trip interruption coverage is limited to reasonable expenses up to a maximum of $1,000 per disablement/incident, including all taxes and surcharges. The service is designed to assist you with some of the unplanned expenses you may incur while waiting for your vehicle to be repaired.

Note: Authorization for trip reimbursement by Audi 24-Hour Roadside Assistance is required.

Trip Interruption Reimbursement Instructions
  1. Contact the Audi 24-Hour Roadside Assistance Center at 1-800-411-9988 (1-866-478-3456 for Audi R8 and A8 owners) to obtain an authorization number and detailed information and instructions for reimbursement consideration. This must be done within 72 hours of disablement.

  2. Save itemized expense receipts, such as lodging, meals and car rental.

  3. Save vehicle repair invoices/repair orders.

* Certain exclusions and limitations apply. Please see your Owner's Manual or dealer for details.

** Roadside Assistance provided by a third party.

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